The MiniTrencher EZ Kart is a must have accessory for your GeoRipper. Perfect for longer runs and where you need consistent digging depths.










Size Matter Conversion Kits


Convert your existing GeoRipper to the size that you need. Whether you need to dig deeper or shallower, work smarter and not harder. Kits include complete bars and a 2-pack set of chains. If you are wanting to convert to a 827, don't forget to pick up an EZ Kart. Size Matters 27" Conversion Kits are only available for Series8 machines. 

Size Matters 16" Conversion Kit




Size Matters 20" Conversion Kit




Size Matters 27" Conversion Kit






 Looking for parts?


No problem, select what model you have and we will show you the parts and accessories for your GeoRipper.



   GeoRipper 816  




   GeoRipper 820  




   GeoRipper 827  


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