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Mini Trenchers for Landscapers, Electricians, General Contractors & More

  • Weighs as light as 30 lbs
  • Easily digs trenches in a tight radius
  • Rapidly digs with little turf or ground disturbance to allow for fast back-filling and quick site cleanup
  • Works in various soil conditions, i.e. clay, fractured rock and sand
  • Cut a trench up to 27” deep by 1.5” wide
  • Self-sharpening digging chains that can cut tree roots up to 3" in diameter
  • EZ Kart available for deeper and longer trenching

We have been using the TerraTrencher for landscape edging. It increases the production volume and speed on projects and paid for itself within a month after purchasing.

We no longer need to use a shovel digging in tight areas for our fiber optic and conduit installations. It has saved hours in labor. The TerraTrencher is an exceptionally good product that does everything MiniTrencher says it will do.

MiniTrencher gave me the opportunity to demo their new GeoRipper. The GeoRipper is wonderfully designed, well balanced, has a stronger horse power, lighter and little to no maintenance. I love the spring coil shock design! I am absolutely sold on the GeoRipper. 100% thumbs up on the GeoRipper!