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Why consider a GeoRipper minitrencher???

  • Projects get done faster - from thought to finish
  • You can lay practically anything with a minitrencher. Don't replace your walk behind - just do yourself a favor and throw away that shovel
  • It's a small / light digging alternative verses larger alternatives 
  • Works great in hard, rocky, and clay soils
  • It cuts a precise trench - like comparing a scalpel to a sledge hammer 

It's Time to Decrease Labor Costs &

Increase Your Profits!







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The GeoRipper®T/A allows users to convert their existing Makita, Husqvarna or Stihl concrete saw into a handheld minitrencher in minutes. The new easy attachment system converts your single-use power cutter into a dual-purpose power cutter / minitrencher in just 5 minutes!

GeoRipperT/A S500 on TS500i

GeoRipper®T/A for Stihl® Engines:

Sometimes you want a little more familiarity and reassurance. Trench faster from thought to finish.


GeoRipperT/A Trenching Attachment for Stihl


GeoRipper®T/A S500: Compatible with Stihl® TS420 and TS500i engines | Digs up to 500 mm (20 inches) deep


GeoRipper®T/A S700: Compatible with Stihl® TS500i engines | Digs up to 700 mm (27 inches) deep