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Just because it’s little doesn’t mean it’s small

This is the tool you’ve been waiting for. From installing a sprinkler system to placing underground cables or installing large irrigation systems for farming, GeoRipper® minitrenchers can handle just about any job you need. And while traditional handheld trench digging is long, backbreaking work, a GeoRipper allows you to dig 10 times faster. Slice through tree roots up to 3” thick and trench up to 27” deep while saving on manpower.

And once you purchase your MiniTrencher, you’re ready to start digging. There’s no expensive attachments or special equipment are necessary for digging through tough soils, including frozen ground, rocky terrain and those hard-to-reach-areas that large trenchers often can’t accurately dig.

Commonly asked questions

Can’t I just convert my own chainsaw into a trencher?

No, the GeoRipper® minitrencher is not a chainsaw. All of our GeoRipper models are sold as complete units. They come equipped with power heads that are tooled specifically for trenching jobs.  

What brand of trencher do you sell?

We sell GeoRipper® minitrenchers. There’s a number of different GeoRipper models to choose from, based on the kind of job and type of trench you need. Each GeoRipper unit comes standard with two, 1.5″ wide, commercial-grade chains. In addition, its digging chains are self-sharpening. This means that the more you use your trencher, the sharper and more effective it becomes on roots and other below-grade vegetation.

Are GeoRipper® minitrenchers safe?

We take safety very seriously. As with any piece of machinery, safety precautions must be taken to avoid bodily harm. This includes wearing a full-face shield, durable gloves and thick boots to avoid accidental contact. For all protective measures, visit our safety page.

Talk to the guys doing the dirty work

We do things differently around here. Give us a call and you’ll reach us on our cell phones, not some customer service center. You get us, the guys in green visors doing the hard work and getting our hands dirty everyday. No salesman-type tactics, no bull. Just the right tools to get the job done right the first time. And we know because we use GeoRipper® minitrenchers on a weekly basis, just like you.

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